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Please do contact us about the bespoke services below:

 - Beautiful services for burials, cremation and scattering of ashes.

 - Burials at Sea for providing burials and scattering of ashes at sea.

 - Scattering of ashes in space.

- Unique Funeral Plans to help people plan for their funerals. (click here)

Ceremony planning and delivery

Swan Ceremonies also provides support at times when you are overcome with grief or sorrow because of the loss of a loved one.

In those circumstances we will be committed to assist you in creating a unique Order of Service.  Our support will enable you to create and deliver your own service or we could even deliver it for you.  See below for more details:


Diamond Plan. 

We will work with you to create and deliver a funeral ceremony. Cost £250 (plus travel and accommodation). 

We can also serve you virtually, encouraging you to manage a significant part  of the funeral itself, by creating it and delivering it yourself. 

We can offer you the following three plans: 

Swan Silver. All the resources we use to enable you to create a  funeral/celebration of life will be yours, plus two hours of our time. We will  suggest using one hour to review the ceremony details you have identified  through answering the questions we suggest you explore in our guidance. We  will ensure that an outline order of service is created alongside you. The  second hour will be invested in helping you refine your tribute so that it is as  perfect as you can make it. Cost £60. 

Swan Gold. All of the above in Swan 1 plus 1 hour rehearsing the ceremony  online with one of our celebrants who will coach you, giving you techniques to  assist you in coordinating the ceremony, and delivering the tribute. Cost £90. 

Swan Platinum. One of our celebrants will ring you talking you through the  process, and will create the ceremony and the tribute with you. Once prepared  it will be for you to coordinate the ceremony on the day and deliver it. We will  coach you. Cost £150. 

If you would like to see the questions we would typically ask ahead of any funeral, download our Funeral Preparation Guide here…

Where Can We Hold A Funeral?

We take funerals in any authorised space which recognises our credentials.

  •  Crematorium

  •  Cemetery

  •  Church

We will also travel anywhere in the world if invited.

Personal Ceremonies in Unique Spaces

Our strength lies in providing a beautiful service in a space that is personal and memorable. In the past, this has included some very unique places, including taking a funeral on a red double-decker bus. We would want you to be open to asking us anything and we will always try to accommodate your wishes wherever possible.

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Swan Ceremonies

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