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Meet Our Team

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Rev Canon Jonathan Martin 

Jonathan Martin has 35 years of experience in leading religious and non-religious ceremonies. He is a gifted speaker, innovative creator of ceremonies. He is Chairman of Swan Ceremonies and has led the development of Swan revitalising funerals. Swan’s approach includes a finely developed process, and the allocation of a team to prepare every ceremony, ensuring individuality.

Miss Agata Staniszewska
Managing Director

Agata J Staniszewska is a Polish lady who has made her home in England. She has trained in bereavement and trauma. She is a co-owner of the unique Swan Brand. She creates and takes Polish and English speaking ceremonies. Her creativity permeates through all that Swan does. Her ability to focus on multiple tasks and great organisation skills enables her to manage our team well and prepare even the most challenging ceremony.

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Rev Joseph Farnand
Associate Celebrant
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Rev Newton Ndlovu
Associate Celebrant

Joseph Farnand has a background in high profile government service in a number of departments. He has extensive experience of developing poignant non-religious and religious services. Joseph’s understanding of diversity, through his work on race, religion and Holocaust for the government , further strengthens the Swan team.  His 20 years pastoral service within churches of many persuasions, have included 9 years employment as an accredited minister with the Church of England.   Joseph specialises in ceremonies created for those who take their own lives.

Pastor Newton Ndlovu is another proud Swan graduate. Speaking Shona as well as English, he is a Zimbabwean by birth, Trained as a teacher, psychiatric nurse, and a Christian Minister he is pleased to take Christian or non-religious ceremonies.

Sally Ducellier_edited.jpg
Mrs Sally Ducellier
Associate Celebrant
Andrew Drury - April 2019_edited.jpg
Mr Andrew Drury
Associate Celebrant

Sally Ducellier is both a nurse and a carer who has always wanted to enter the funeral profession. With Jonathan, she has developed resources that enable a service to be taken in parallel with the ceremony at a nursing or care home so all are included. Sally has a fine voice, is experienced at creating scripts, organising funerals, and expects to complete her training with Swan in the Spring/Summer of 2018.

Andrew Drury has had many years in facilitating bereavement awareness events, both in national government and in churches. He has also been a policy advisor in a major government department on religion and belief (including non-belief), and so he recognises that everyone's wishes will be different.

He is passionate about walking with parents who are grieving the loss of children.

Andrew completed his training with Swan in March 2019.

He is a Licentiate of the Society of Bereavement Practitioners (LSBP), a member of the Faculty of Funeral Celebrants (MFFC), and a member of the County Celebrants Network

Peter Scott - small_edited.jpg
Dr Peter Scott
Associate Celebrant

Dr Peter Scott is hugely experienced geologist and educator whose third career began 5 years ago when Peter began work in the funeral industry and then trained with Swan to become a proud graduate of Swan Ceremonies. Peter is an experienced scout, a Black Countryman, with a unique sense of humour, who enjoys taking non-religious ceremonies.

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