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Swan Funeral Celebrant Training

We will prepare you to take funerals, guiding you every step of the way, and dealing with many of the challenges you will face.

We think this is a process, that’s why we commit ourselves to work alongside you as you develop competency and expertise in every area. As you embrace this process you will become a wonderful celebrant. Think of this as an apprenticeship model of training.

During the Training you will learn about:


  •  Administration (Organising Funerals)

  •  Booking a Funeral

  •  Arranging a Visit

  •  Filing

  •  IT and Google Drive (Basic Skills Filing)

  •  Creativity

  •  Funeral Design

  •  Cultural Awareness

  •  Dignity

  •  Grief Process

  •  Health And Safety

  •  Social Media Marketing

  •  Listening to Clients

  •  Attending Visit

  •  Assisting on Visit

  •  Lead in on Visit



  • Writing (How To Write Up A Visit)

  •  Writing Eulogies

  •  Correspondence

  •  Communication

  •  Funeral Home Visit

  •  Public Speaking

  •  Belief System

  •  Funeral Preparation

  •  Different Types of Death: (Sudden, Baby, Premature, After Long Death, Young Child)

  •  Different Types of Funerals: (Cremation, Burial, Natural, Committal, Sea, DIY)

  •  Presentation

  •  Reflection

The cost of our outstanding programme is £1200

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