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Every wedding is a cause for celebration!
We can be involved at every stage of the planning process – and encourage you to get in touch with us as early as possible.  You can guarantee we will pull out all of the stops to make your wedding the perfect day of your dreams.
Where Can We Hold A Wedding?
With more and more venues becoming authorised to have weddings on their premises, the list of where you can get married is growing ever longer!
We take weddings in any authorised space which recognises our credentials.
  •  Church
  •  Hotel
  •  Castle
  •  Registery Office
We will also travel anywhere in the world if invited.
Wedding Vows
The UK is quite strict when it comes to marriage vows and what must be legally written into a wedding service. We provide full scripts for weddings and will advise you as to exactly what you have to say, and what you can’t.
We also offer to provide weddings in a variety of different languages including English, Polish, Filipino, Spanish and German.
Marriage Blessings
Often you may wish to hold your Wedding ceremony at a venue which cannot legally hold weddings. This is usually true for temporary structures such as tents, marquees or on the beach.
If this is the case, you can be legally married in a registrar’s office and then unofficially blessed at a second ceremony.
Swan Ceremonies are happy to provide advice for all situations and provide celebrants for both the legally binding marriage ceremony and the unofficial blessing ceremony.


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